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Australia - a visual journey

As part of my project, I have published our second group project book! Australia - a viaual journey

Tasmania - a visual journey

As part of my project, I have published our first group project book!

Australia - a visual journey

Great Ocean Road Workshop Video

This is a very quick slide show featuring the images of workshop and the participants themselves!

Please excuse the speed of the rotations - there was a lot to fit in!

Great Ocean Road Workshop 2012

Having just returned from an awesome workshop at Victoria's Great Ocean Road (note the gaggle of photographers shooting feverishly as we are treated to some direct sunlight - lasted just 2 minutes), I thought i would share some observations.........

Tasmania - a visual journey available for pre order NOW!

Just a quick note to let you know that we have finished the Tasmanian Book Project! yippee! 12 members have produced an amazingly beautiful book that should arrive just before Christmas!

I have created a page with previews - here

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latest project - online landscape photographer - building a community

At the start of the year I launched

If you are interested in landscape photography – and my guess is that you are simply because you have found your way here!

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Apps-solutely awesome Apps!

With almost 2000 downloads in total – the iPhone Apps I have developed are going crazy! Most of them are free and the rest are cheaper than a cup of coffee. The Seaweed – Art meets science App even includes the exact GPS co-ordinates and shows you on a map where the image was captured! Check it out here.

I have recently revamped one of my businesses -

Siteminder247 is a one stop shop for webhosting, web design and building. Its recent overhaul includes the addition of video tutorials, ability to purchase domain names (at VERY) competitive prices and a success vault that will help you succeed in cyber space. You can even sign up for a free trial and test us out! What are you waiting for?

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exhibition - art and science

With the help of Marinova ( I have been able to secure some funding for a project we are planning that will showcase the link between Art and Science.


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My first iPhone App!

I have done it - I have launched my first iPhone App.

It's part of a long term project and just a stepping stone towards a much more comprehensive application I have in the pipeline. Australian Wildlife is an App for the iPhone that introduces children (or adults) to the sights and sounds of Australian wildlife. It also contains fascinating facts and can be used as an educational tool.

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Australia - a visual journey

As part of my group project - I have published our second book! Australia - a visual journeyAustralia is an inspiring continent. Arid deserts, lush temperate rainforests, jagged snow-capped mountains and white sand bea...

Tasmania - a visual journey

As part of my project, I have published our first group project book!"Tasmania is an island of inspiration; you are never more than a few hours from its jagged peaks, white sand beaches or dense wilderness. It’s a pe...

Freycinet Workshop video - live!

The video for our 2010 Freycinet workshop is now live - have a look at what we got up to! If you would like to join us on our next workshop - You can also view some images taken by participants at...

Autumn Colours Photography Workshop clip

 A quick video / slideshow of our Autumn Colours workshop at Cradle mountain. Images were taken by participants - we all had a great time. If you would like to join us on our next workshop - - stil...

Spring 2009 Cradle Moutain Workshop

Having recently returned from the Cradle Mountain workshop - I thought I would share some images taken during the week. Over the next few weeks I will write a couple of articles on the workshop and I hope to feature the work of some of it's particip...

Infrared Aerial Photography

Australian Landscape Photographer Ian Wallace uses his physically converted Nikon D200 to capture some beautiful Black and White Infrared Images over the Tasman Peninsula. Thanks to Doug for flying! I always jump at any opportunity to see Tasman...
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